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Be SMART in 2021!

New year resolutions - you either love them or hate them and whether you make any is a personal choice. Rather than making resolutions purely for the sake of them or because it is somehow expected, the beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect - on the year gone by and hopes for the future.

2020 was certainly unprecedented and for many people was a year that is better forgotten. There is still some uncertainty about what 2021 will bring but it is still possible to think about what you would like for this year.

Before making any plans think about what you have achieved so far - often we can be blinded by what we haven't done so that we forget or undervalue what we actually have completed. So rather than berating yourself that you didn't landscape the garden last year, praise yourself that you did get round to painting the bathroom ceiling. Also, take into account any partial achievements you may have made - you may not have written that novel that you've always planned but congratulate yourself on starting the first chapter. You may be surprised at how far you have already come!

If you decide that you do want to make some resolutions or set yourself some goals for 2021, make them SMART!

1. Be SPECIFIC - rather than a vague resolution to "lose weight", be clear about what you hope to achieve, for example, "I want to lose one stone".

2.Make it MEASURABLE - with weight loss, this is easy to illustrate as you can weigh yourself at the start and end.

3. Ensure it is ACHIEVABLE - this means making a goal that is not impossible (such as climbing Mount Everest without the necessary training) but not too easy so that there is no challenge.

4. Be REALISTIC - this is similar to the above but takes into account things like finances, other commitments, health etc so maybe climbing Mount Everest is technically achievable but it's not realistic because you can't afford to go to the Himalayas.

5. Set a TIME-FRAME (which is also achievable and realistic).

If you don't succeed at first, don't give up - look at what went wrong and amend your plan accordingly, maybe you simply need to extend your time-frame.

So how are you going to be SMART in 2021?

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